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July 28, 2005
"Teek" is Irish for "Lazy" (submitted by Teek at 07:25pm UTC)

Yeah, I should probably update news.
We've killed a buncha stuff a buncha times.
We got some loot.

I'm still offering my soul in exchange for Sulfuron Ingots. For serious.

~Shiney Things Include~

Razorgore the Untamed:
Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal - Zannix and Halakarie
Stormrage Bracers - Bandora
Netherwind Bindings - Halakarie and Vidar
Bracers of Ten Storms - Waiwai

Band of Accuria - Xhy
Bloodfang Pants - Radical and Xhy
Band of Sulfuras - Baird
Malistar's Defender - Durren
Dragonstalker's Legguards - Meken
Choker of the Fire Lord - Vidar
Legplates of Wrath - Raul

The Eye of Divinity - Can
Core Hound Tooth - Radical
Sash of Whispered Secrets - Vulture
Ancient Petrified Leaf - Meken

Halo of Transcendence - Baird and Syllabic
Sapphiron Drape - Rumiko
Mature Black Dragon Sinew - Dcode
Head of Onyxia - Carino and Nifdegif
Helmet of Ten Storms - Waiwai
Netherwind Crown - Zannix
Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire - Baird
Deathbringer - Immune

not really loot, and I don't care, congrats bubba!
Quel'Serrar - Astron

Everyone please take note of two VERY important, game-breaking events:

1. Raul "I'm allergic to upgrades" mr. 300+dkp actually SPENT DKP ON LOOT
2. The elusive hunter epic has finally been sniffed out. It does in fact EXIST on a Ropetown raid. Giggity Giggity.

Until next time kids~

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