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April 11, 2005
the *fire* comes out of his *face* (submitted by Teek at 10:13am UTC)

User-posted image
The Supreme High Lord of Assbeat has arrived on Burning Legion, courtesy of Ropetown

So we found this ugly naga, with a bunch of ugly naga friends. I suspect they form gangs like this to compensate for small naga genitalia, but I digress. He made fun of my girl, so I made a colorful remark about his mother. He then threatened my cherry '57 Corvette, so I challenged him to a rumble in the old abandoned lot behind the lumber mill. After a series of carefully choreographed fight numbers, he cried uncle:

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User-posted image
Which brought us here
We fell victim to the world's worst case of "I'm telling my Daddy on you!" in the history of ever.

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Words fail me. This guy is really a sight to behold.

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not too shabby for a first attempt...his days are numbered

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THIS JUST IN: We have received word that the first Night Elf on Burning Legion to see Ragnaros has been caught on film! Details at 11

To come down from our adrenaline rush
(not to mention total beat down at the hands of the unholy lord of fire)
we hopped over to Blasted Lands to visit our resident rogue loot dispenser.
He didn't disappoint.

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Grats Rustak!

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Grats Xhy!

Until next time kids~

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