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April 7, 2005
Slow night, yeah (submitted by Teek at 10:15am UTC)

We were just supposed to do Onyxia tonight, that was all we had scheduled. A nice, easy night, a quick kill, and maybe some time to get laundry done, perhaps finish some classwork, or maybe even *gasps* go outside. Not tonight! I know, I know, who am I kidding. But really, honestly, all we planned to do tonight was Onyxia since my shaman alt needed a nice buff for the weekend Wailing Caverns runs. Then the call goes out in guildchat...

So, Kazzak is up.

Hooray! Every rogue's wet dream has decided to spawn, and Alliance are all otherwise occupied...well hell why not. We took a quick 20 minute detour, one pull, one kill:

User-posted image

Well, we'll just fit it in before Onyxia, a bonus, sure!
Grats to Carino on your new Mace, and Minos on the Feathered Stick of Royal Assbeat.

So now that we've gotten that out of the way, onto the nights planned dragonslaying! One attempt, one dead dragon. Still a fun fight!

User-posted image

Honestly, this is all we're doing tonight. Go read a book or something.
Grats to Raul on Legplates of Might (AND completing Quel'Serrar, major grats), Vulture on Nemesis Crown, Lianna on Shard of the Scale, and Tribus on Dragonslayer's Signet.

Yeah that's it! We're done! Except no wait, there's that buff with dragonslaying in the name again, and Azuregos is up. Yep, nice slow night. One pull, one kill.

User-posted image

Icing on the cake. Are we done yet?
Grats to Coppola on Typhoon and Riftwalker on Drape of Benediction.

Well damn, it's still early and we're on a roll, what's next? We decided to stop into MC and just tap a couple entrance trash mobs. Namely, Luci and Mag. No screenies there, they're nothing new. If you're really hard up for something to look at, go to anywhere in the game and kill a Naga. Bam, dead Lucifron. Hit upper spire, kill beast. There you go, dead Magmadar, minus the annoying fear, enrage, and fireballs.

Grats to Riftwalker on Cenarion Bracers, Coppola on Pauldrons of Might (deja vu, just a little) Kaya on Arcanist's Robes, and Teek on Medallion of Steadfast Might.
In the end it proved a nice way to end an evening full of mob murder, just another "slow wednesday night".

In other news:

User-posted image
Jeez guys, I mean come on. I mean COME ON. Share the wealth, jeez.

User-posted image
User-posted image
Yer next, bubba.

So by now, eveybody is asking: "How on earth do you do it?!?!" And I usually reply "Missionary mostly, with a reverse cowgirl thrown in for spice. Sometimes I utilize the kitchen counter if I'm feeling frisky" but for some reason that's not enough. So, in that light, I present to you:

L33t R0p3 Inf0z concerning the lovely and still present MC raidlock issues. Last week, we gathered our usual MC crew and set out to have some fun storming the castle. Alas, 10 of our raiders decided they wanted better odds at loot, as they were given their very own instance to raid! Suck! But, since everybody tells everybody else everything about this game, we here at Ropetown are joining the club and giving you our Raidlock Workaround strat. How do we get around the fact that only 30 members of our raid zoned into the instance together.

Are you ready?

Clear MC with 30.

So much easier than multi-flagging, raid group bugging, alt monitoring workarounds, and even more rewarding! Gahennas, Garr, Shazzrah, Baron, Golemagg, and Sulfuron, all dead to ~30 raiders.

Ok, so I'll admit, for Sulfuron we managed to pick up 2 more people and totally zerg him with a massive 32. Sighs You got me there.

One thing of note: Golemagg put out like the head cheerleader on prom night. 4 epic drops, AND a Sulfuron Ingot that made this little hammersmith quite happy. And now, as they say in France, or maybe Moonglade (equally fruity) here is "Le Proof"

User-posted image

No honestly baby, we'll still love you in the morning...

User-posted image

We totally spawned more overlords to help zerg Sulfuron ftw.

Finally, this ridiculously long news post has been brought to you by:
User-posted image
/nods sagely

Honest, just a nice, slow, wednesday night...

Until next time kids~

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