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May 16, 2005
Lootfail. For serious. (submitted by Teek at 03:11am UTC)

Simple ass news page for Zigg!
Tonight was the night of lootfail. I have to laugh or I'll start to cry.

Halo of Transcendence - Flipoit and Lyra
Ring of Binding - Syllabic
Onyxia Tooth Pendant - Velespio

The Eye of Divinity - Flipoit
Fireproof Cloak - Bandora
Wild Growth Spaulders - Bandora

Netherwind Pants - Kaya
Band of Accuria - Meken
Dragonstalker's Legguards - DE'd
This shit actually drops from a GOD? - Teek

So yeah. At some point in our lives we're going to see some amazing loot. I promise.

Until next time kids~

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