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September 26, 2011
7/7 Heroic Firelands: Ragnaros Died Because He Wanted To Go Play Diablo 3 (submitted by Durn at 03:06am UTC)

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Like most guilds, Heroic Ragnaros was a real test that pushed our guild to its limits. We started the first week of normal mode with only 24 raiders and still made decent rankings throughout heroics. We finally killed Heroic Rag with a roster of 27. I want to offer a huge thanks to every person who lasted to the end of Rag, all your hard work paid off. Great job everyone!

We want to expand our roster for 4.3 though, so come join us if you want to be part of a unique guild with some interesting, memorable people. We are always looking for people who are trying to find that one guild to be their long term home.

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